Neem Horse Shampoo (250ml)

The Neem Tree has been a traditional part of Indian healthcare for centuries. All Neem Tree products use the traditional properties of Neem to provide a natural alternative to today’s harsh chemicals.

Neem Horse Shampoo can be used as often as required to remove dirt, dust, stains and odours from your horses coat.

Active Ingedients:

* Neem emulsion 
* Reetha 
* Soap pod 
* Arnica Montana 
* Licorice 
* Essential Oils

Direction for Use:

* Dilute 4 teaspoons of shampoo into 1 litre of warm water. 
* Wet the horse throughly and apply diluted shampoo. 
* Massage into coat to form a rich lather, avoiding sensitive areas. 
* Rinse well. 
* Can be applied undiluted to treat stable stains.

Other Information:

* No SLS or SLES 
* No Parabens 
* No Sodium benzoate 
* Natural - No Added Chemicals 
* GM Free 
* Not Tested on Animals 
* Suitable for use with warm blooded pets of all sizes, from Guinea pigs to Horses 
* Can safely be used on cuts and wounds 
* Frequent use recommended 
* Approved by Vegan Society 
* Thank you for helping the environment. Buying this product directly supports growing more Neem trees in India.