Neem Antibacterial cream (75g)

A versatile skin cream for applying to minor cuts, abrasions and bruises. Contains antiseptic neem oil and other herbs with soothing and antioxidant properties.

All Neem Tree products use the traditional properties of Neem to provide a natural alternative to today's harsh chemicals.

Active Ingredients:

* Neem oil 
* Sesame oil 
* Lemon grass oil 
* Tagetes oil 
* Boric powder

Directions for use:
Apply to and around affected area, as required.

Other Information:

* Not Tested on Animals 
* Suitable for use with warm blooded pets of all sizes, from Guinea pigs to Horses 
* No SLS or SLES 
* GM Free 
* Thank you for helping the environment. Buying this product directly supports growing more Neem trees in India.