Neem Herbal Horsecare

The Neem Tree has been a traditional part of Indian Healthcare for centuries. Both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, all Neem Tree products use the traditional properties of Neem to provide a natural alternative to today's harsh chemicals. Registered by Vegan Society.

All our neem products:
* No SLS or SLES
* No Parabens
* No Sodium benzoate
* Natural - No Added Chemicals
* Not Tested on Animals
* GM Free
* Thank you for helping the environment. Buying this product directly supports growing more Neem trees in India.


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Stable Cleaner with Neem 250ml
(Concentrated Stable Disinfectant and Deodouriser)


Neem Horse Shampoo 250ml
(Concentrated, mild yet effective shampoo)


Neem Antibacterial Cream 75g
(for minor cuts, bruises and abrasions)


Neem Oil 100ml
(kernel oil – therapeutic/ external)


Neem Oil 500ml
(kernel oil – therapeutic/ external)


Solid Bar Soap with Neem 70g
With pure Neem Oil and Vitamin E moisturiser)


Just Coconut Oil 200ml
(Pure 100% Coconut Oil)


Just Coconut Oil 3 x 200ml
(Pure 100% Coconut Oil)



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