Stable cleaner 250ml
(Concentrated Stable Disinfectant and Deodouriser)

All Neem Tree products use the traditional properties of Neem to provide a natural alternative to today's harsh chemicals.
An antifungal and antibacterial stable cleaner that uses the combined properties of Neem, Karanji and essential oils to disinfect and deodourise.

One of the most versatile neem products available, here are just some of the uses we have found, if you have anymore let us know.

1. Stable cleaner - dilute and swill out your stable, particularly effective against ammonia and manure odours. Can be used on all surfaces including rubber, concrete, stone and timber. Scrub into deep stains
2. Horse box/ Trailer clear - swill and brush horse box/trailer floors and walls.
3. Protect bedding from being eaten - dilute and spray onto bedding to prevent ingestion
4. Clean grooming equipment - dilute and dip grooming brushes into it to clean and disinfect, especially after lice infestations
5. Disinfect nunmahs, boots and bandages - Add concentrated to wash or dilute and soak the items in a bucket.
6. Hoof cleaner - dilute and fill a spray bottle. Spray onto hoof soles for cleaning and disinfecting, good for mild cases of thrush and where cracks have to be kept clean. (for severe cases of thrush use Neem oil or Neem Herbal oil)
7. Fly spray - dilute and fill a spray bottle, add essential oils as well if you require.

Active Ingredients:

* Neem Oil
* Karanji Oil

Directions for Use:

Shake well then mix 1 capful of stable cleaner per litre of water and swill or brush onto required surfaces. As stable cleaner contains no harsh chemicals, there is no need to rinse it away.
A concentration of two capfuls per litre of water can be used as a spray to clean badly affected areas.

Other Information:

* No SLS or SLES
* No Parabens
* No Sodium benzoate
* Natural - No Added Chemicals
* Not Tested on Animals
* GM Free
* Makes 25 litres
* Eliminates ammonia smell
* Antifungal and Antibacterial
* Approved by Vegan Society
* Thank you for helping the environment. Buying this product directly supports growing more Neem trees in India.