Orbitless Bridle Attachment

How is it different to other bitless bridles?
The Orbitless has been designed to have passive state and an active state. The passive state is as the bridle sits on the horse's head, there is no pressure exerted by the bridle. The active state occurs when contact is take, pressure is applied to the horse's head. When the contact is released the pressure is instantly and completely released back to a passive state, making full use of pressure and release techniques used in horse training. Bitless bridles which have running or cross straps have a reduction of pressure but they do not release completely. Some horses find this confusing or uncomfortable.

How does it work?
The elliptical side pieces are connected to straps which cross the nose and the chin. The reins are attached to the ellipses and when contact is applied to the reins, pressure is applied on the horse's head on the poll, nose and chin. Pressure is instantly released when the contact is released. Depending of the position of the reins the pressure can be varied from very little pressure to moderate pressure. There are no long shanks to apply large amounts of leverage which can easily damage the horse with the Orbitless Bridle.
Due to the unique shape of the ellipses the emphasis can be varied between poll and chin pressure and nose and chin pressure. Because the ellipses can be used independently communication can be precise and localised making it more like using a traditional bit and meaning minimal retraining to accept the bitless bridle even in very advanced horses.

Versatile and Variable Bitless Bridle Attachment
    •    Simply convert your regular bridle to bitless by attacing the Orbitless to your existing cheek pieces
    •    Unique shape allows 8 different configurations
    •    Precision fit between components provides clear aids
    •    Utilizes pressure and release techniques
    •    Instant release of contact
    •    Lightweight to aid precise communication
    •    Contact emphasis can be varied for individual horses
    •    Padded noseband for added comfort
    •    Full fitting instructions / configurations included

This Orbitless Bridle attachment attaches to your existing bridle and is a perfect fit for all sizes of horse or pony as it is available in the following 3 sizes:

Each size has plenty of adjustment for the perfect fit. To find the correct size measure round your horse's nose midway between the prominent cheekbone and the corner of the lips (See Sizing chart for where to measure).

    •    Pony (Pony to Small Cob) = 43 to 57cm
    •    Horse (Large Cob to Large Horse) = 52 to 65cm
    •    Warmblood (Warmblood / Draught) = 61 to 75cm

Colour :
    •    Black
    •    Brown (Havanna)